Practice Areas

McClanahan • Myers • Espey handles cases involving many subject areas and has extensive experience with civil trials and complex litigation. Our approach is to align the interests of client and attorney through contingency fee arrangements -- effectively making us business partners in your litigation. This creates an incentive for our lawyers to keep expenses low, resolve the matter quickly, and recover as much as possible. The following list details some of the areas in which we practice.

Class Action

A class action is a suit in which one person or a small group of people represent the rights of many others who have similar circumstances. The person who files the suit is called the named plaintiff. The named plaintiff pursues his claim, just like in any other case. During the course of the suit, however, the named plaintiff asks the judge to “certify” a class. The class is the group of people whose circumstances are like those of the named plaintiff. If the judge grants certification, the named plaintiff continues the case for himself and the class members. If the judge denies certification, the named plaintiff proceeds with his individual case. It takes only one person to bring a class action suit, even thought there may be thousands of people in the class. Keep reading »

Corporate Owned Life Insurance

Corporate-owned life insurance or “COLI” is insurance held by a company on the lives of its employees, or former employees, with the company named as the policy beneficiary. Because the company designates itself as the policy beneficiary, the insurer pays the policy benefits to the company when a covered employee dies. Employees often do not know that their lives have been insured for the company’s benefit. Regrettably, this form of insurance is also referred to as “dead peasant” or “janitor” insurance within the insurance industry. Keep reading »

Patent Litigation and IP

McClanahan • Myers • Espey has an intellectual property litigation practice based on the prosecution or defense of claims for patent infringement and and copyright disputes. We have also litigated related business torts, such as unfair competition and trademark infringement. In intellectual property cases, the firm provides the same nationwide trial experience that it has in other commercial litigation matters. Keep reading »

Commercial Litigation

McClanahan • Myers • Espey represents clients involved in commercial or business disputes. Commercial litigation is the firm’s primary focus. We assume from the outset that each case will go to trial and prepare each case as efficiently as possible. Keep reading »