How can you help a General Counsel?

We can help save your company money by bringing much of its litigation work “in-house” and working with its employees to perform the tasks that would otherwise be done by outside lawyers at high hourly rates.

Litigation is expensive. And big corporate litigation is enormously expensive. During his sixteen years at Baker & Botts, Randy McClanahan frequently supervised litigation teams, often consisting of dozens of attorneys and support staff, as the lead attorney in complex litigation matters. Randy is also a former Chairman of the Court Cost and Delay committee of the State Bar of Texas. He has litigated and tried cases with and against big firms in many states and knows how quickly legal fees can mount.

What a company really needs in high-stakes litigation is the right lead trial counsel. But when a company hires a large firm get the right lead lawyer, it also receives the large firm’s bills for routine litigation tasks. That is not McClanahan • Myers • Espey’s business model. We can work with a corporate client to structure a cost-effective legal team in any case.

As a seasoned trial lawyer, Randy can cut to the chase. He can allocate corporate resources from the outset by leading the in-house legal team and directing in-house employees to do the routine discovery and trial preparation work that normally result in a big firm’s high fees. By working with Randy, a general counsel can use corporate employees for tasks such as document production, discovery, investigation, research, and the like. Corporate clients do not have to sacrifice quality representation in order to manage costs.