Can you help with my upcoming trial?

Yes, McClanahan • Myers • Espey often accepts cases that are near the trial setting.

There are many situations in which a client may need to hire another lawyer shortly before trial. Other lawyers may have prepared a case and then need someone with more trial experience or resources to actually try the case. Other times, a client may not be able to afford hourly-rate lawyers to finish the case and need to switch to a contingent-fee lawyer. And in the worst situation, the client may have been abandoned by his lawyers on the eve of trial—just when the client needs them most.

Randy McClanahan is board certified in civil trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and as a civil trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. He is a genuine trial lawyer who is often hired shortly before trial to present the client’s case to a jury. Sometimes he is retained as the lead trial lawyer to work hand-in-hand with lawyers who prepared the case. Other times he replaces hourly-rate lawyers and tries the case on a contingent fee. He has also accepted cases in which the client was essentially abandoned by lawyers who were no longer interested in the case.

Lawyers who accept cases shortly before trial are uncommon. They must be able to quickly master a file and take the level of pre-trial preparation as they find it. And those who do often seek to postpone the trial setting. But some of Randy’s most significant accomplishments occurred when he took a case at the eleventh hour and fought to keep the trial date.

If you are in a situation in which you need an experienced trial lawyer to try your case – even late in the game or on a contingent-fee agreement – contact one of the partners at McClanahan • Myers • Espey.